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Pashma Pashmina — The Inclusive Contemporary All-Season Pashmina

by Team Pashma 06 Nov 2021

The vintage “Kashmiri” Pashmina is now an expression of ostentatious elitist conceit.

Intricately hand-embroidered Pashminas have limited utility and can be worn only in cold weather with ethnic wear for weddings and other occasions.

Pashma refashions the Pashmina as an inclusive all weather contemporary style statement that is relevant every day anywhere in the world. It provides comfortable luxury at a workplace or an evening in Paris or Milan.

Pashma Pashminas are exquisitely woven from superfine yarns of genuine Pashmina (cashmere fibres) blended with silk and other natural fibres into sheer weaves that both retain and amplify the essential character of Pashmina — the sensual touch and soft hand feel which is usually compromised in the heavily embroidered “Kashmiri” Pashminas.

Pashma Pashmina prints are in a class of their own. Paisley, floral, abstract, avant-garde inspired by architecture, impressionist painters as well as the graphic textile traditions of Europe, Japan, Bali and India.

Each Pashma printed Pashmina connects you to the finest aesthetic that your sensibilities respond to.

Whatever you wear, a Pashma Pashmina will transform you into a sophisticated fashionista.

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