Embracing Luxury Sustainability: The Allure of Recycled Cashmere

Luxury fashion is undergoing a transformation. Sustainability is no longer a passing trend, it's a driving force. Consumers are demanding eco-conscious options, and recycled cashmere is emerging as the perfect...

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Journey of Silk: From Tradition to Sustainability

Silk, the queen of fabrics, offers a luxurious journey through history and innovation. Pashma explores its varieties, from Mulberry's smoothness to Muga's shimmer. Sustainability reigns supreme, with India's silk recycling...

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Pashmina for All Seasons — Pashma Trans-seasonal Scarf

Pashma has innovated the “all-weather” contemporary Avtaar of the traditional Pashminas retaining the magical touch.Whether in a crisp spring evening in Paris or chilly air-conditioned movie theatre in Mumbai or Singapore;...

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