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4 Most Comfortable Fabrics Perfect For Trans-Seasonal Weather

by Team Pashma 01 Apr 2021

There are many fabrics perfect for trans-seasonal and summer weather. It’s always important to keep your comfort on the top notch while following any fashion trend. 

Here you will find the top 4 most comfortable fabrics which have a soft touch and comfortable feel. 

Comfort is one thing that essentially can't be stayed away from. Trans-seasonal particularly useful when the seasons are changing, from winter to spring, and summer to autumn.

During this time everyone is looking to consider entire fresh clothes, the color trends, and unique patterns which can match fashion trends yet feel comfortable on the skin.

It’s very interesting to know that trans seasonal fashion is extremely functional and financially savvy.

 It's also extremely beneficial to the eco- system. By filling your closet with items that are sustainable and follow ethical fashion then it will lead you to end up consuming less, and needing less clothes!

Buying Tran seasonal pieces, good quality are an investment in your wardrobe, and an investment in the environment!

Here is an extreme guide of Fabrics ideal for trans seasonal. 

1) Love For Linen

Linen Top

It's no wonder that as the climate gets hotter, linen material dress hits the racks.

There are various advantages to this exquisite texture fabric that make it ideal for the Spring/Late spring months.

Linen one of the lightest and comfortable fabrics in the market. It has moisture-wicking properties, which makes the material comfortable and breathable.

  • Sustainable and Natural Fabric 
Linen is considered to be lightweight and has even been found to get stronger with washes! It is considered 30% stronger than cotton fabric.

If you are looking for breathable fabric in hot weather conditions then it allows heat to escape from the body. Linen is not only luxurious but also naturally repel insects.  

2) Cotton Fabric 

Cotton Top

Sustainable fashion is an approach to reduce textile pollution and promotes eco-friendly products which are softer, lightweight, and will last you for years.

Cotton is considered a sustainable and natural fabric when it comes to clothing.

It's an excellent choice because first, it's a natural fabric and second it's derived from cotton plants. 

Best for hot weather cotton soaks-up sweat, lightweight, breathable and stays cool in hot weather.

Cotton clothes provide better air circulation. It evaporates the sweat with the surroundings and gives us a cooling effect. 

3) Bamboo Cotton - Eco-Friendly Clothing 

Bamboo Cotton Top

Bamboo cotton fabric is considered the softest and powerfully insulated for hot summer conditions.

It keeps you odor-free, feeling fresh. Bamboo fabric is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet. 

The advantage of bamboo blends and fiber is that it is cheap because it is one of the fastest-growing plants on the Earth. 

Being naturally hypoallergenic, and moisture absorbing. They also keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

4) Silk Blends 


Silk blends are natural insulators and can help you stay cool.

Silk fabric is good for hot and humid weather. Silk and blended silk are very similar in feel, look, and strength. 

Blended silk is seen as affordable and because mixed fabric makes it more durable.

The blended fabric increases UV protection, air-permeability properties. 
Hence, the blending of silk with cotton has aesthetic values as well as comfort characteristics.

It contributes more strength wrinkle resistance and shape; retention, cotton produces comfort as it provides absorbency and heat conduction.

While natural silk probably won't be ideal for extraordinary sticky conditions, silk mixes in an outfit, matching it with insignificant gems can make you look classy. 


In conclusion, We can say that all the 4 fabrics not only have great insulation properties but also promote sustainability. 

The Textiles industry like Fast fashion wreaking havoc on the environment.

Where we’ve selected sustainable picks based on style and ethical features. 

Slow Fashion is environmentally friendly by producing fewer new items and it reduces the negative environmental impact caused by animals.


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