The finest cashmere in the world

The Finest Cashmere In The World

We wanted to create a brand that reclaimed India’s historical supremacy in cashmere.
Naturally, the first step for us was to visit cashmere factories. Not satisfied with what we found at fiber traders and yarn manufacturers in China and Mongolia, we journeyed to the Tibetan corner of Ladakh. Not only were we awestruck by the stunning landscapes (feel free to ask for tips if you are planning to go) but also found the quality of cashmere fibers we were looking for.
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That’s when we decided to source the finest cashmere fibers directly from the herders and transformed these materials into super soft, extremely fine and virgin-quality cashmere yarns in our very own worsted spinning system procured from Biella.

Over time, we have not only maintained the authenticity and understated luxury of these rare cashmere fibers but also created a universe of diverse products that are functional, sustainable and priced honestly in a system that rewards the extraordinary contribution of the artisans.

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From beautiful summer knits that are lightweight, wrinkle-free and breathable to streamlined trans-seasonal styles that embody the textile crafts of our Indian heritage—the world of Pashma strives to create the ultimate (and the only) cashmere wardrobe for everyone.