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Introducing online Pashma Outlet. Free shipping on all orders above $150
Introducing online Pashma Outlet. Free shipping on all orders above $150


Pashmina for All Seasons — Pashma Trans-seasonal Scarf

by Team Pashma 07 Nov 2021

Traditional Pashminas besides being atrociously expensive also have limited use as they can be worn only in very cold seasons for weddings and other ceremonial occasions only with ethnic wear.

The heavy embroidery with cheap coloured threads actually compromises the magical and sensual touch and softness that imparts the luxury factor to Pashmina fibre.

Pashma has innovated the “all-weather” contemporary Avtaar of the traditional Pashminas retaining the magical touch.

The Essence of Pashma

Blending the finest Pashmina fibres with other compatible fibres of silk and other natural ones, ultra-fine worsted yarns are spun in our Cashmere Mill and are woven into exquisite Pashma scarves.

Pashma’s Pashminas provide comfort and intimate luxury throughout the year in every region and climate.

Whether in a crisp spring evening in Paris or chilly air-conditioned movie theatre in Mumbai or Singapore; a Pashma Pashmina is the perfect accessory to provide comfort and style to a modern fashionista.

Pairable with a sexy little evening black dress or a pair of distressed designer jeans. You are stylishly chic for any occasion at all times.

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