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‘Beyond Trend – Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Making some simple and positive changes to your wardrobe and shopping mindset can be extremely beneficial not for your today but as well as for a better future. It is very easy to make your own sustainable wardrobe. Here are some tips to streamline your closet.

Define your style

  • Simplify your closet
  • Buy with intention, because less really is more
  • Shop ethical and eco-friendly products

Buy sustainable clothing on a budget

  • Research and learn about brands
  • Regenerated products
  • Buy products that will last

How Pashma products are Ethical and Sustainable?

Pashma is a luxury fashion brand made sustainable products; without sacrificing style. We reduce the number of collections produced by us each year. The concern with this, however, continues to meet consumer demands.

Sustainable Luxury: Socially Conscious


At Pashma our team of designers has passionately worked towards sustainable luxury, and the outcome is for all of us to feel the product and be a part of the joy of a green pledge.

We do not view sustainability as a survival practice for the future but as an attitude that we had within us from the very beginning. We combine our proprietary, innovative technologies, honest trade practices, and complete transparency making the ‘E3 commitment’ - EXQUISITE, ETHICAL, AND ECONOMICAL.

How we do it?

  1. Upcycling by using pre-consumer waste.
  2. Reducing our carbon footprint to 50%
  3. Making only biodegradable products
  4. Making everything in-house, no outsourcing

E3 uses upcycled yarn so we can cut down on all that wastage of resources reducing the costs without compromising the quality.

Timeless, not trendy

We want you to have something so solid and precious that will stay with you forever.

So that you remember us as timeless, not trendy.

From designing to manufacturing everything happens in-house at our highly equipped boutique mill. There is no outsider involved, just our team of trained and trusted experts. At our highly equipped boutique mill, we have innovated a technology that enables us to utilize this pre-consumer yarn collected each day for over 15 years.

This has minimized the wastage of resources and reduced carbon emissions up to 50%. Each piece is crafted with great attention to quality and detail. We do not believe in mass production but exclusivity instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sustainability the new luxury?

In the 21st Century, the new luxury market is evolving a culture of environmental concern and demand for conscious fashion and practices. In today's climate sustainable luxury is on the rise.


We are proud of the fact that we do not mass produce, instead craft each piece individually with a focus on the fit, feel and finish.

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