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Your Guide to Scarves

Your Guide to Scarves

Scarves are a quintessential accessory for most looks as they add that special touch to enliven the look of simplest of outfits. If you are about to buy your first luxury scarf, then this post is just for you. It will give you information about how to make the right purchase that will work best for you.

Read through and find out...

Pure cashmere: Nothing spells luxury than a pure cashmere scarf or a stole. Cashmere is considered as one of the most sort-after products in the world and it is indeed a thing of beauty and heirloom value. Every woman must own a soft cashmere scarf for special occasions as it never goes unnoticed for its rich texture and rustic appeal. Ensure you make your purchase from the best and insist on seeing the certificate just to be sure.

Silk Scarves: Silks are for all weathers and one of the softest fabrics you will find. They have a rich sheen and surely add a touch of grace to outfits. Silk being light and soft, is one of the most preferred fabrics for scarves. You can either choose a solid color or one with attractive prints like paisley's, florals etc. and detailing to match most of your outfits beautifully. We have some soft blends with linen and linen-cashmere that are just perfect for cold to warm weathers.

Linen: Linen is just perfect for summers and is light and soft on the skin. It makes for a great accessory for vacations in a hot-humid weather and therefore is a must. Linen gets softer with each wash and if you invest in a superior-quality linen, it is sure to last you a long time.

Silk-Cashmere: If you are looking for something that is not too warm yet soft and comfy to wear during winters, then a silk-cashmere scarf is a great option. It is perfect for weathers that are not too cold but still slightly chilly.

Hope this account helped you to pick the right one. Scarves can be either printed or solid in rich jewel tones or even with intricate embroidery or bohemian detailing, it is always great to have a mix of styles but, never compromising on the quality of the fabric used. A bit of research, a basic understanding of fabrics will take you a long way.


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