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Changpa Pashmina - Finest & Rarest

Changpa Pashmina - Finest & Rarest

The story of Pashma began in a wind swept high altitude desert, where an ancient tribe of Buddhist nomads have been engaged in herding the most preserved pedigree of cashmere goats at  altitudes between 14000-15000 ft. (4200-6000 mts) above sea level. Contrary to practices in other parts of the world where cashmere goats have been cross-bred with other similar animals, the Changpa people have breed the Changthama goats very selectively. This desert in Ladakh is home to fiber of 'Capra Hircus' and where it was first transformed into a luxury wearable art.

Only 7 tones of cashmere fibers are generated from the Changthama goats that represent under 0.1% of the global annual production of cashmere. Truly the equivalent of champagne in the hierarchy of sparkling wines.

Due to the relative inaccessibility of Ladakh to cashmere producing regions and the absence of modern de-hairing and spinning facilities in India, this fiber has previously never been exposed or presented to the world. Pashma with its vertically integrated facilities that include the first modern cashmere de-hairing and worsted spinning facility, presented this glorious produce to the world for the first time.

Pashma presents this exquisite produce for the first time in a collection of exquisite weaves and textures in the natural colors of the cashmere fiber- undyed and with minimal processing. An uncompromising expression of this ultra-luxurious fiber.

Truly sustainable. Truly rare. Truly precious and above all truly timeless!!

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